We Went Walkin’ :: Minneapolis Worldwide Photowalk

Another year, another Scott Kelby, Worldwide Photowalk, Leader notch in my belt.  snaps suspenders  This year was the first year we had light.  The last two years the Fall, October, weather was just…well, dark, cold and dreary.  Last year, I regretted not packing better rain gear.  This year though was gorgeous.  We are a bit down in a valley area so we didn’t get much actual sunset–but, the way the light danced between the trees, and through the flowers, and over the water just made it magical.  It was exciting.

The highlights of the walk, for me?

-Seeing so many new faces, and a bunch of familiars.  I remember how on the the first walk–folks didn’t know each other at all.  Now I’m watching groups of people form.  For most of them, this is the only time they see each other, so it’s becoming an annual reunion for many.  (Including myself!)  Everyone is so friendly though, it’s never clique-y–folks just want to have someone to shoot with.

-Walking slow, exploring, tracking down cool fungus, playing with light and still NOT being the last one to our destination.  I didn’t realize that I wasn’t a complete weirdo before I started participating in photowalks.  In regular groups of people, I am always the last one, the slowest, and the one who was lost because I was, well, searching out fungus.  I’m ALWAYS told to hurry up, given weird looks and ditched.  When you’re a part of a photowalk and you see someone off in an obscure location, you become immediately intrigued and want to know what they’re shooting.  It’s nice to be a part of mutual weirdo’s 😉

-Seeing other people’s shots.  (They’re here if you want to look.)  We were all in the same, general, location–yet our images couldn’t be more different.  That, to me, is my favorite part of it all.  It’s not a contest.  It’s not a gear thing.  It’s not popularity.  It’s just vision.  And it’s all so unique.  I find myself in awe of what other people come up with.  It’s really cool for me–the inspiration is just huge.

-Shooting just for fun.  I don’t get out a lot lately to shoot just for fun.  I’ve been just not in a spot, mentally, that allows me to create anything for myself.  It’s no fun–it feels forced.  I can’t do it.  I’m lacking that core inspiration.  I always tell people it’s like when you’re falling in love, or when you’re so angry you want to punch something–it’s that raw, unfiltered, deep down emotion that drives me create but, inside, I just feel…well, blank.  So, zipping out, with my camera, just to go shoot because I’m driven to do so, just ain’t happenin’.  I have an incredible circle of photographer, and artist, friends who surround me and they all know this feeling; they assure me that I will be back.  I trust them.  This weekend was great to be forced to just go shoot with other photographers.  I needed that.  Hopefully it’ll jump start something in me?  My photos, once I got them back to editing, all just felt dark.  Maybe I’m just inspired to go dark…I think I like that thought actually… 🙂

Anyway…I’m already looking forward to next year.  My fingers will be crossed for sun again–it was fun to flirt around in the light for a bit.  The photo below is from Saturday, and is me and two of my favorite photographers/friends.  We all met up, online, a few years ago and have been shootin’ together ever since 🙂  They’re two of the folks who always inspire me to keep moving.

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