7th Annual, Scott Kelby, Worldwide Photowalk :: Minneapolis, Minnesota Edition

I have NO idea how it turns to October so fast every year.  I’m not really complaining, or anything–after all, this is my favorite time of the year as the inspiration is flowing, the colors are glowing and the air isn’t trying to suffocate me.  I’m not a summer person so this time of year is so welcomed, on so many levels.  The other thing that October also brings for me is Scott Kelby’s, Worldwide, Photowalk.  This October 11th, is the 7th year of the walk and my 3rd year hosting.  Once again, I will be hosting the Minneapolis edition at Minnehaha Falls.

The previous years have been wonderful.  Well…both years, it either rained, or misted–but, whatever.  It coulda snowed.  We make the trek from Sea Salt, down to the Mississippi, and then back up. It’s a good sized walk that takes a few hours.  (We tend to stop a lot 🙂 )  It is such an incredible experience bringing together, roughly, 50 photographers, from around the area.  (And some from much further if they’re here for business 🙂 )  We all just do this for fun and to get to know each other a bit.  There’s no specifications on what you can shoot with–iPhone to film, to digital, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway…here are a few links to tell you more about it, in case you’re curious.  If you have questions specific to the walk I lead–please reach out and ask!  You can always ask here or email me at melissa@melissapeifer.com


If you’re interested in learning more about the walk, its sponsors, or finding a walk in YOUR area, click here:



If you’re interested in viewing MY walk, registering for it, or simply learning more about it, click here:


(There are a few spots left to register–I expect them to fill up fast!  If you registered, but don’t plan to attend anymore, please unregister and open your spot up.)


To see photos, from several of the 2012 photowalkers, click here:



To see photos, from several of the 2013 photowalkers, click here:

Minnehaha Falls - The Bench



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