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It occurred to me last night, while laying there, reading Game of Thrones, that I never blog about my ‘other’ job.  (It was also at that moment that I realized I had no idea what I had read over the course of the last three pages and that it might be time to go to sleep…)  Lots of us photographers have ‘day jobs’.  We’re kinda the inbetweeners (holy cow, that’s actually a word).  Some photographers work full time and shoot on the weekends/evenings, others shoot full time and that’s all they do.  Then there are others, much like myself, who are about half and half–half working for someone else, half working for themselves.  As long as your product is amazing, you’re not a jerk, and your clients are happy–I don’t think there’s a right/wrong way to go about it.  (This is a hot topic in the world of photography, btw…the weekend/stay-at-home mom photographer, vs those building a photography business.  Photographers are a strange bunch.  I say…do your thing, do it good, and then just see what happens to the others 🙂 )

Anyway, this blog is already veering off topic.  Go figure.  What I came here to talk about is my other job.  In my other job…I’m a photographer.  (How anti-climactic was that!?)  Also, I’m a writer.  And, I’m a website updater (annnnd, that is not a word).  And, I’m a Social Media Manager.  I work for two, small, local, businesses–a candy store and a floral store.  (Yup.  I am an actual, floral and candy, photographer.  How cool is that?)   I go into the shops once a week and I shoot.  (This week…I’m shooting for Christmas, and their corporate clients.  I’m going to take what I’ve created, and shot, and put together email flyers and physical postcards.  I’m, literally, walking into holiday ornaments, plain cloth, and boxes of candy.  It’ll be fun 🙂 )

Each week, I go in and shoot.  I shoot floral arrangements almost every week.  I’m working to build up their BloomNation site which means lots of uploading, coming up with product names and descriptions, as well as entering all other, pertinent information.  (You know…minor details like price and such.)  I also shoot new products, new displays and anything else that’s a bit different.  I shoot with daily Facebook posting, and weekly blogging, in mind, always.  (Whatever might make a good post during the week gets photographed when I’m in.)  I also shoot for upcoming events such as sales or holidays.  I try to keep it all seasonally/current event relevant in order to have good material to write about throughout the week, as well as helping out our SEO when it comes to frequently, and currently, searched terms.  Obviously, I’m not going to shoot summery things when people are searching for fall stuff.

Most of what I do though, is from home.

I blog.  I come up with a floral and a candy related topic each week and I get it up on the blog.  Sometimes, it takes a huge chunk of research–sometimes, it’s just a blurb about what’s happening around the store/area at the time.  This part of my job has me, literally, looking for topics all week long.  When I stand in line at the grocery store–I check the magazine’s for topic ideas.  When my Martha Stewart magazine comes, I read it with a whole, new, set of eyes.  I watch my favorite Lifestyle Expert on the local news for inspiration, I read the paper, I check the high school schedules, I follow things like Pantone and Hershey’s on FB, I Google the most random key words, I use Pinterest; and, sometimes, my blogs are super fun and other times I’m like…well…at least it’s done and then I hope that no one actually reads it.

I update their website.  BloomNation is my biggie lately but their Teleflora site is also something that needs care from time-to-time.  I add/remove categories from the site as the seasons change and as holiday approach.  I come up with, and update their main page, keep current product rotating in and out and I add/remove items as needed.  I’m currently working on a new way to manage donation requests on another website they have.  (This involves working with their webmaster, creating new information for them to hand out to their customers and then a blog/FB post about it.)

I take care of social media.  Facebook/Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram/Instagram.  Facebook is something that I do everyday.  I post updates, I respond to people and I use Facebook, as the businesses, in order to drop comments and likes on other brand pages.   On Google+, I just echo Facebook posts, since it does help our search results.   Pinterest is full of random stuff that I feel fits the vibe of the candy store and can also be beneficial to readers and Instagram is something that I just post a time, or two, a week on–just to keep it colorful 🙂  It’s amazing how long social media can take.  I work on a daily schedule to remember what to do where–it’s, seriously, an  everyday thing for me.

Anyway…this is what I do.  Here’s a link to a huge gallery FILLED with some of my favorite photos from work.

(Well…this is what I do when I’m not working with my clients, that is 🙂 )


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