Fall Session Fail :: Minneapolis Area Photographer

Well folks, my first, fall, photo session fell victim to both a three year old, and Minnesota weather.  (Between BOTH of those things–it’s amazing I have any shoots that actually happen 🙂 )  We had decided to meet at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis at 4:30.  At 4:20, I get a text saying there was a breakdown and they wouldn’t be there until closer to five.  (I’m so surprised this doesn’t happen more actually.  I’ve had a three year old.  They’re like dealing with little, screaming, donkeys.  When they don’t want to do something…they, simply, don’t.  They sink those hooves in and hunker down, all while showing off all the incredible, and ear-piercing, sounds their little lungs are truly capable of producing.  Oh.  It’s okay, btw.  I can say all that.  I’m a mom too. Or…maybe that was just my three year old?  She was truly somethin’…)

Anyway, I never mind waiting–like I said, I’m a mom.  I totally get it.  Plus, waiting gives me more of a chance to look around our location for any fun, hidden, spots to shoot in.  As I was waiting though, I looked up at the sky and realized it was turning dark quickly.  I checked the radar and, promptly, sent a message back saying I think that maybe we should hold off.   Sure enough, by 5:15, we were smack dab in the middle of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.  Little trees were leaning sideways in the wind, the windshield wipers were on the super fast setting (not the technical term), cars were pulled over on the side of the road and I was happy to be heading home.

Before I headed home, and while I was out scouting out some hidden spots, I did find a squirrel who thought he was a client–he held that pose for me for so long.  “Drop the shoulder just a bit.  Move your chin just a bit toward me.  Straighten out your back a bit.  You did?  Eeesh.  I mean, perfect!”  * snap *

Oh!  I found the prettiest staircase.  What is my deal with staircases?  They fascinate me.  That one though…it was just perfect.

And, I found her.  I found Nessie.  Yup.  With a seagull on her head.  (How embarrassing for her…)

My next blog should be much more client-filled.  (People clients, that is 🙂 )

(These photos were snapped with my Samsung Galaxys5 and edited with VSCO.)

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