Sara’s Senior Portraits :: Minneapolis High School Photographer

If I HAD to choose my favorite types of portrait work to do–I’d totally say High School Seniors.  (Today, that is 🙂  This changes all the time.  After a maternity session, I’d say maternity.  After family, I’d say family.  You know…I’m completely indecisive and in love with what I do.)  Maybe I’m just totally lucky or have ONLY the most amazing clients in the world…but, EVERY TIME I have a senior session–I walk away feeling quite comforted about the state of our future.

This next generation–they’re strong.  They’ve seen a lot of what’s wrong in the world, while being told they can do anything and be anything they want–and, guess what?  They want to make change.  Getting to know Sara, this gorgeous senior, and chatting with her during this session was amazing.  She can hold a conversation, she exudes energy, she is incredibly smart, she’s got a good head on her shoulders and you can just FEEL that she’s ready to fly.

I hope that when you look back on these photos, Sara–you see that girl who can take on anything she wants with determination, confidence, charm and grace.  Good luck as you grow those wings–though I have a feeling you won’t need much luck 🙂

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