Customer Complaint :: Discover My Mobility, Planet Mobility, Detroit Michigan

So, I’m going to post something that isn’t, directly, photography related…BUT, well, it’s my blog, my rules, right?  I’m going to post a complaint about a company…a company that has a history of elderly, disabled, and sick folks, a company that ripped off my dad.  (Well…if you look at this in the broad sense, this IS about photography–kinda.  I get much of my artistic ability from my dad–he draws though, I photograph.  He was always there with a camera for me, at Christmas, when I was little and it was all I wanted and has ALWAYS been supportive of what I do and who I am…with all that being said, this post is now totally relevant as a photography blog 🙂 )

Anyway, last night, I took this story to Facebook and Google+.  I have received SO many great suggestions as to what to do next, offerings of assistance, links to follow and words of encouragement–however, I’m that person who doesn’t stop until I get to where I want to be.  And, well…these guys are still, comfortably, operating so I’m not there yet.  Check out our story:


Customer Complaint :: Discover My Mobility, Planet Mobility, Detroit Michigan

I am beyond frustrated. HOW can people, and a company be so terrible to such vulnerable people?

Quick background:

In April 2014, my dad had a stroke. He lost the ability to move the right side of his body, from the neck down. These past few months have been incredibly difficult, as he works his ass off to regain independence. He lives alone, he can’t drive and he can’t work right now. He’s a Vietnam vet, a Harley driver, an athlete, a dad, a grandpa, a friend, a sibling and an incredibly strong person. He’s had mixed diagnoses regarding his long term prognosis but, as of right now, he’s learning to walk WITHOUT his cane and still working on getting that arm to ‘go’. He’s made AMAZING progress so far; driving is his next step to independence.

Current Day Story:

SO…my dad ordered a foot pedal from the company, Discover My Mobility. The idea behind the foot pedal is to is to make it so his left foot can push the accelerator and he can drive again. First, he was sent a link to install shady software onto his computer, to get the tracking number of his product; he never received any invoice or receipt. After calling them, several days after the order was placed–they confirmed his foot pedal would arrive within two days. It did and his credit card was charged. The foot pedal arrived missing pieces, the instructions, and not as pictured. (They don’t accept returns on products that are missing pieces or instructions. Go figure.) So, I emailed them. They never responded. So, I called. They told me that the foot pedal doesn’t come with the base plate anymore and they weren’t sure why it didn’t contain instructions. The sales rep, Mary, told me she would mail them right out, as well as email them to me. I received a PDF version of the instructions, and a week and a half later–the physical copy showed up in the mail. (The FIRST thing she asked during that conversation is if I wanted to return the product. They mail refund checks monthly, minus a 20 percent restocking fee. She never asked who the client was, or his address–in fact, I had to remind her to ask for my address during the call. It was ODD.)

Now that we have the instructions–they don’t match the equipment, at all. (See photo below. This company believes they are the same though.) At this moment, we are stuck with a 300 dollar piece of metal, and they get all the money. I am working to deal with this but they won’t even respond to me. My dad is out the money and set back in his independence.

I have done some digging into the company and found that this company was spawned from a company called Planet Mobility. Their owner, Michael Woods, was jailed in 2012 for defrauding consumers in this EXACT regard. His primary consumer? The sick, the elderly and the disabled. I am attaching links to articles about him below. I am also attaching links to the Planet Mobility Website AND the new, Discover My Mobility website so you can, clearly, see that they are the same. (I can’t find that Michael is involved in the new ‘business’. You can, definitely, see that the sites are ridiculously similar. There’s, obviously, a connection–even their phone number is the same.)

HERE’S WHY I’M PUTTING THIS OUT THERE…Discover My Mobility is a ‘newer’ company and they don’t have the complaints out there like their parent company, Planet Mobility. They pay a lot for advertising on Google and Amazon, so they come up quickly when folks are looking for equipment like this. Getting this out there, having you share it, me sharing it several times (sorry in advance  ), will help pull THIS story, the REAL story of who they are in search results. I can’t even stomach the thought of someone else getting ripped off like this. It’s not fair, or right. I’m tech-savvy–this isn’t difficult for me; most of their victims are NOT and they prey on that fact. Discover My Mobility WILL get busted, again, which will kill their search results–but, until then…there’s this.

If you have ANY thoughts as to what we can do next–please let me know. I’ve got this, emails out to the company and I’ve contacted local reporters who worked on their story last time.

If you feel compelled to share this, even just for a little, please do.

Thanks for listening to this vent and thank you, in advance, for your help.

Links, as promised:

Planet Mobility (The original company with the owner who was jailed for defrauding customers):

Discover My Mobility (The ‘new’ company):

Voice News Article from 2012:

Macomb Daily Article from 2012 (with video):

And, just for fun, and in case you needed more proof of their shadiness…here’s their ‘office’. Don’t ya love the ice cream truck, parking lot, across the street?:,-83.1030472,3a,75y,186.4h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sCCHF2Xh3yrtlpKROqHBV9g!2e0

This is what Discover My Mobility claims is the same product.

This is what Discover My Mobility claims is the same product.

My dad, last summer, before the stroke.

My dad, relearning to walk.

My dad, relearning to walk.

18 thoughts on “Customer Complaint :: Discover My Mobility, Planet Mobility, Detroit Michigan

  1. So sorry to hear about your misfortunes. First your dad’s stroke and then the rip off. How is your dad doing? I hope he has made lots of progress. For what it’s worth though, your story is the reason I decided not to order from Discover Your Mobility website. I was this () close! While I don’t have any good suggestions on how to get your money back, I would suggest linking your blog in the comments section to the Youtube videos currently still up. Especially the ones uploaded by mwoods51389 (hmmm could those numbers represent his jail number?!…lol). That is how I came to know about the scooter and his website. I haven’t tried linking it myself because I am not computer savvy, but I think lots of people would benefit from your experience. I know I did. I usually thoroughly research any big ticket items but not usually the company I’m buying from. I was lucky to stumble upon your blog. Just thought it would be one additional way to bring his website down.


  2. Just got ripped off by this company myself. Ordered pedal extenders for my daughter’s car– which, when installed, did not allow the clutch pedal to go down far enough for the car to even start.. Sent the whole package back on my dime. Got the “refund” back and between inflated shipping charges and “restocking fees,” I am now out $100 and have nothing to show for it.


  3. Wow, I was just about to purchase a patient for our spa for about $2800.00.
    Thanks for your input. I believe they may have advertised in the Muscular
    Dystrophy magazine. What a shame. Thanks again. Pat


  4. Well…after contacting several news outlets and the Attorney General–I never heard back from them. No refund, no apology, no trying to make it right–nothing. Until this week, that is–when they called my dad and offered him a refund. They told him I need to take this blog down though. They mentioned an attorney, and court, and now he’s nervous about being in trouble because I told our story, about our interaction, with this company. I didn’t slam them. I didn’t lie. I didn’t do anything but put up a blog on my, personal, website.

    SO…I could post all of the screenshots I have of this company’s return policies, and then compare it with what THEY told the Attorney General. I could ask for more shares, and then, after getting hundreds more–take this blog down, with a new blog explaining why I had to take it down. Or, I could just post a few more links about this company. I’m going to guess they aren’t contacting those places for them to take down the reviews.

    Now, I know that people change, and companies change–but, these guys haven’t done a THING to show me that they have. SO, I am going to post a few older links, to older review. Yes. The company has changed names–but, the owners haven’t changed. Really though–it’s always up to you who you order from and where you’re comfortable. If something gives you a bad feeling–avoid it. If you don’t care, then go for it. You might get lucky and you might get a great deal.

    (Check out Stacy’s comment)

    Also, I have been made aware of this less than one year ago:
    Mike & Margot Woods has hurt a defrauded many people and will continue to do it unless the courts stop them.
    Planet Mobility
    Medical Mobility International
    Best Buy Mobility
    Lifetime Mobility
    Worldwide Seating all out of Michigan.
    They’ve defrauded vendors and customers for years.


  5. AND…since I’m just commenting away, on all my own stuff right now…here’s my response to their request I remove my blog. I really hate calling this place because I feel like, for safety purposes, I should have ALL of our interactions in writing.


    My name is Melissa Peifer Freeman. My dad told me that he spoke with you regarding my blog.

    I can understand why you wouldn’t be a fan of it.

    I told our story of our interaction with you, and your company. I have photographic, and/or, written proof of everything that I said in it. I didn’t lie. I never slandered your company. I would never do that. I did, however, put my story out there into the world–what folks do with it, is up to them, not me.

    I think that, instead of focusing on my blog–maybe focus on making your future customers happy, so that THEY will write a good blog, and leave good reviews–that way, mine will be buried back down into the bottom pages of a Google search, and no one will even see it. You guys have the power to make your future customers as happy as you have made old ones upset. You guys have the power to bury all of the bad reviews with good ones. Google’s SEO works that way. It’s not my responsibility to help you make your company look better.

    HOWEVER, if I had lied to people about our interaction, told them never to buy from you, called you horrible names, or purposely spread false, or misleading, information–I can understand your request that I remove the blog. I can understand why you may even have an attorney request that. At this point though, unless I’m totally missing something, I’m just not getting it.

    You have the power, within your own products, customer service, community, vendors, and company policies, to make your company look great. If I were you, I would focus there before focusing on me and what I blogged about over a year ago. (If you ask my opinion, which you didn’t–I would wonder why MY blog is still coming up so high in your search results. You had over a year to blog on your own, to ask customers for good reviews, to encourage friends and family to help make your search results, and reviews, more positive, etc. In fact, again, just throwing my opinion out there–but, instead of paying your attorney to help fight freedom of speech–you could save some money by hiring a PR rep, someone to photograph and blog for you, or someone to help boost your SEO results.)

    Good luck to you,



  6. I came across your blog and thought wow, this is crazy (I only wish I would have found your blog a month sooner) I think I made the mistake of buying a mobility scooter, the EW-36 from Discover your Mobility. Com Here it is, not even a month later and I’m already having problems .I call them and no one will return my calls, I text and they don’t respond to my text and come to think of it I never got an invoice or receipt I never got an owners manual or any type of instructions regarding the care and maintainance of my scooter. I thought it was kinda odd. Then I received numerous free accessories and they would of been very useful but none of them could fit or attach to my scooter ! This is no way to run a business ! Haven’t they heard ? You get more Bees with honey than you would with vinegar. I hope these thieves crash and burn ! ! !


    • Wow, Octavio–I’m really sorry you’re dealing with that. It’s not fair, at all. I’m sad to hear the business is still being run this way, I always have hope things will change for the better–but, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case with these guys.

      They ask I take this blog down–and, I contemplated it, thinking maybe they did change, and maybe I am harming a reputable business? Then, I read what you said and no, it needs to stay up…along with your story, too.

      I hope you come to a resolution and your scooter situation gets resolved. You’re absolutely right about the bees and honey–it boggles my mind that a business can be run this way at all.

      I encourage you to complain to the Attorney General in the State of Michigan–to their Consumer Protection Division. I was able to fill out a form online if you prefer it that way.


      • There is a growing movement to protect consumers who write negative reviews about companies. See if your state has passed anti-SLAPP legislation. Truth is your protection from threats of defamation. Don’t let this company intimidate you. They are bullying you and people should know that.
        They will eventually do themselves in, but sadly, they are shrewd enough to prey on elderly and disabled consumers who aren’t always able to protect themselves.

        I appreciate your input, which was exactly what I was looking for before I would ever consider purchasing from them. No sale here.


      • Thank you for the information, Shonya. I appreciate it so much. I will be checking into that. I’m glad you found this blog before ordering from them. I wish we had better info before we ordered.


    • THE EW-36 is the biggest piece of crap on the internet. When they come to my store for repairs they have a 100% failure rate. STOP BUYING ON THE INTERNET PEOPLE. THE PROBLEM IS PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE WHAT THEY READ.



  7. I got ripped off too March, 2016, maybe $4200 for a scooter that came to me that needed re-programming that they can’t do. It is their screw up but it will cost me 20% plus return shipping. I’m not the judge of them but I’m certainly a witness against them on that Great Day.


    • I HATE seeing that this is still happening, Jack. It’s not right. It’s not fair. I am so sorry that they happened to you. I do feel like they have a bigger judgement coming, as do you. I encourage you to complain to the Attorney General in the State of Michigan–to their Consumer Protection Division. I did. And, I’m sure it’s still on record. I figure it’s all a process that takes time, but the more people that complain, the more ammo the good guys will have when they finally take them down, for good. (Note: By ammo I mean complaints. Absolutely not anything physically lethal. By good guys, I mean the attorney general, and lawyers — not crazy folks on a vigilante mission. I’m only adding this part so they don’t think I’m inferring anything and try to use it against me someday. Geesh.)

      Good luck to you, Jack and take care. Thanks for adding your comment to this.


      • Welcome to the internet. Don’t believe everything you read. We have handled dozens of these problems from people that buy medical scooters on the internet.




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  8. Thank you for posting this. I came here to check the company before placing the order and found your review.

    I already got ripped off by US Medical Supplies in NC and Golden Technologies in PA who are providers for Veterans. The Governor of PA gave them excellence award. Don’t know for what???.

    I am in CA. I bought a Golden Technology GC440 scooter from US Medical Supplies based in NCarolina. Paid for 3 yrs. warranty so I don’t have any problems as I am by myself.

    I am disabled myself being hit by car in a crosswalk. Dragged 40 feet. Being alive is a miracle as what had happened to me. Have limited mobility. Lost everything. Become minus zero. Being put to the streets for no fault of mine. Lived in a car.

    My father is a senior and disabled. He could not walk at all. Needed surgery. Spend out of pocket to buy the mobility scooter for my father so that he is independent. Can go to doctors, can go out to buy food and medicine when I am not there. US Medical Supplies and Golden Technologies send me an old defective scooter which did not run at all. Golden Technologies said they will replace it. Never heard from them. So I said I want the refund as I do not want to deal with them. No body did anything. It’s been 3 yrs. and I am paying storage for the scooter.

    I told A/E as I had charged on AE and Golden Technologies rep told AE he has send me a brand new scooter by providing the Fed Ex tracking order to another address 25 miles away from my home. I told AE that is not my address. AE did not believe me when they knew what was my address. They believed Golden Technologies.

    I reported to the Att Gen. Consumer Affairs in NC and they send my complaint to US Medical Supplies as it is, acting as the post office. And sending there reply to me. that’s it.

    To my complaint, US Medical Supplies lied that I have been using it. I called the ATT General office in NC and the person dealing with the case said they cannot do anything. There hands are tied. Att Generals hands are tied. She told me I have to get an attorney.

    The attorney in CA wrote to both of them. Golden Technologies rep lied that there was misunderstanding. They will pick up the scooter and issue the refund. It’s been 3 yrs. nothing happened. Now someone stole the scooter from the carport. We are without a scooter, without money.
    There are no laws for the sick, the elderly, the disabled. They are vulnerable. Ridiculous that the Att Generals hands are tied.


  9. I just had a bad experience as well. My Father who was disabled purchased a scooter from Discover my Mobility and then passed the next day. I called and cancelled within 24 hours and they charged my Mom with a $500 “restocking” fee on a $1,800 scooter. I called and Mike said it was to cover restocking and shipping. We called UPS with the tracking number and they said we didn’t charge them anything for this tracking number. Reading all these stories and just the lack of true ability to shut this company down is terrible.


  10. I purchased a three wheeled scooter from this company and after charging my debit card the 5-10 business day delivery took 30 days. Recieved scooter on shipping pallet just as it was when it left china. No intructions for assembly and missing pieces. Contacted discovermymobility and after 3 calls recieved missing parts 3 weeks later. Finally got scooter assembiled and started using scooter. 2 weeks later scooter wouldn’t go. Called to use the garunteed on site service and was told “not available in my area. So 3 weeks later revieved part without instructions and 3 hours later got scooter going. After 3 months moved to an area outside Atlanta GA and a brake cable failed. Called again and again no onsite service in area. Another 3 werk wait and recieved pary with no instructions and have yet to be able to instal part. Onsite service garuntee is a false advertised lie. Service after sale is a joke. Contacted company and they won’t take my calls or respond to emails. What to do next???


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