A Day in the Babies Life :: Minnesota Story Telling Photography

This is a photo-heavy post–obviously 🙂  

Head down, below the photo gallery, for the text…

(Clicking on the first photo will allow you to scroll through the photos like a slide show.)

I SO wanted to quickly share this personal project I just did.  It’s a super informal, very simple, day-in-the-life session with my little one…and me. I was thinking the other day (aka: procrastinating what I was supposed to be doing) and I remembered how much much his older sister LOVED looking at her baby pictures when she was little.  So, armed with that memory and a little inspiration from an Ernie and Bert book–I grabbed my new, Galaxys5, and spent the day, casually, documenting, and telling the story, of baby Archie’s day.   My goal is to put these together in two ways…into something that he can’t, easily, destroy (and is easily replaceable if he does) and something a little more formal to hang onto.  I wish I had one of these from when my daughter was little.  I mean, we have so many random photos…but nothing like this.  Nothing that shows a day-in-the-life.

Anyway…I love this.  I, honestly, can’t describe just HOW much I love it.  Each photo tells just a tiny story of our ‘normal’…of our day.  The photos aren’t the most amazing, quality-wise, but I couldn’t care less.  I don’t look incredible in all of them…but, again, couldn’t care less.  I get a day to keep 🙂

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