In the Yard :: Everyday Photography, North Metro, Minnesota Photography

It’s funny…four months ago, I was looking at my house and backyard as a budding, studio, space.  Then, something changed; I had this huge ‘a-ha’ moment, and I realized that that I was trying to fit my square self into a circular hole.  It would work, and be totally, almost, perfect…if I did a little trimming and a little manipulation.  So, as I move toward where I belong in this photography world, into the world of story-telling, and everyday, lifestyle, photography…I turned my backyard into a studio 🙂  (I know…right!?  Makes no sense.)
Anyway, I have a wonderful family member/client who was more than willing to come over and help out with watching my little one and my dogs, as I shot.  It was SO cool looking at my everyday surroundings through a completely, different, set of eyes.  Every, unfinished, project was now a background.  Every fence, that normally just keeps the dogs in, was a backdrop.  Clotheslines became backdrop holders and the little imperfections became ‘character’.  My daughter helped me out tons too…it was nice since she knew where everything was and could easily grab something for me, or run inside for something.  (THAT was the coolest part about shooting at home.  All my ‘extras’, from chairs to blankets, were just a minute away!)  The most uncool part about shooting at home…dogs.  (We have a swampy/pond area in the backyard.  My big dog, while chasing a frog RIGHT before the shoot, managed to fall into the swamp and need an emergency bath.  And then, two minutes later, she did it again and needed ANOTHER emergency bath.)  Note to self: if I do choose to shoot in the back yard again…kennel the dogs.  For sure.
However…the photos turned out gorgeous.  The nice thing about shooting in an area that I am so, intimately, familiar with is the fact that I know the grounds, and light, like the back of my hand.  My little model came over dressed in the dress she wore last year for her photos AND in full, protective, pads.  (I swear I don’t usually injure my clients.)  I definitely grabbed a photo of her decked out in that attire 🙂  From there we moved around and had a ton of fun and shared lots of laughs.  My daughter discovered that saying ‘booty butt’ would CRACK her up, so a ton of the big smiles I got were because of that 🙂
Anyway…here is just a small sample of what we got while shooting…enjoy!

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