Kids will be Kids :: Anoka Minnesota Children Photographer


This summer of photography is all about the kids for me!  I have children, like crazy, all around me and it’s wonderful 🙂  It keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure.  I met up with these little guys in Oakdale a couple of weeks ago for some Minnesota portraits.  (They were here, from California,  visiting their Grandma and Grandpa.)  We played, and shot, and played some more until they wore out (and until the oldest realized that Master Chef was on and he was missing it :). )

This shoot got me thinking and, I put it up on my Facebook page too…but, there is just something so sweet, and nostalgic about a couple of brothers, playing in Grandma’s backyard, during a warm, summer evening.  Muddy feet, baseball, a little wrestling, some fishing, a few birthday balloons, a drink from the hose, tree-climbing, gummy bears and a popsicle just make all feel very right with the world.  In a day-and-age, when everything is all about clicks, and screens, and internet speeds, and technology, it sure is reassuring to know that the old-fashioned still exists in full force and is alive, and well, somewhere in the world.

Anyway…here is the first of several, upcoming, blog posts starring, you guessed it….kids!

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