A New Direction :: Minneapolis Story Telling Photography

I’ve been a photographer for years.  I’m always growing and, upon doing so, looking around, a lot, at my peers to see what they’re up to.  I watch Wedding Photographers do their thing and love it.  I watch Senior Portrait Photographers do what they do and love it.  I watch Newborn Photographers pose the day away and love it.  I watch Event Photographers and Fashion Photogs, and Photojournalists and, well, I watch and LOVE it all–but, I haven’t found a niche; my own, personal, niche…and, I am the kind of person that needs a niche.

And, I like to be nothing short of AMAZING at my niche–I don’t stop until I get to the top of where I want to be.  (I remember a long time ago when I wanted to get to meet some of my photographic idols…now, after meeting many of them, amassing well over a quarter million, online, followers and creating a name for myself–albeit still small in the big scheme of it all–I’m ready to put that energy elsewhere.  I’m ready to take on a new challenge.)

The new direction I’m headed was a d’uh moment for me, actually.  It took me sitting in on a creative workshop, being led by a photographer whom I admire greatly, and her talking about finding strength in weakness, when it all hit me.  I knew where I was going, and I knew that the new direction I was going to head in, was exactly where all of my years of experience, had been guiding me.  It was like the universe just, literally, gave me the answers to everything I had been looking for answers for.  It was so awesome to, in the blink of an eye, be able to realize my calling and to be able to know the exact direction to place my energy.  Since then, I have met with several entrepreneur friends, business owners and potential clients; I bounced ideas off of them, received feedback, and was gifted with a wealth of new ideas from those outside of my ‘world of photographers’.   (I have such an amazing network of talented people around me.  I only hope they see me the same way.  And, getting input from non-photographers isn’t something I remember to do–though it is so, incredibly, valuable.)

SO…with ALL of what I said…here’s where I get to the best part…this entire blog is, basically, one, huge, teaser.  Sorry.  I know.

Here’s what I do feel comfortable saying though…

Within the next four months you will:

  • see a revamped website for me; complete with new product offerings, new pricing structures, new photos, etc.

  • see more emphasis on video.

  • see bigger stories, as opposed to smaller snapshots.

  • feel more connected, as opposed to more posed.

  • more emphasis on connections, in general.

  • more, apparent, work on branding and marketing.

I keep wanting to write more, and I keep deleting things.  I think that’s a sign this blog is done…for now.  Keep your eyes open for more to come and please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re curious, have questions, or just want to touch base.  I love to hear from you!

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