Disney’s Frozen, Saved the Day :: Lino Lakes Photography

Awhile back, my daughter saw the movie, Frozen.  Then, she watched it again.  And, again.  And, again.  She wears the fact that she has seen it six times like a badge of honor.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Disney movies–I remember my obsession with the Little Mermaid when it came out, when I was, roughly, my daughter’s age.  I remember knowing all the songs and the character’s too.  However, as an adult, when my kid says, “For movie night–let’s watch Disney!”…I, immediately, as an adult who loves documentaries, sci-fi, and the classics, groans, just a little, inside.  I always agree though and I always end up loving the movie.  Frozen was no exception.  I totally adore’d it and, immediately, understood why Frozen birthday party supplies are always sold out, why Kristen Bell REALLY is a goddess (and is so much more than Veronica Mars and Elle Bishop), just why John Travolta’s murdering of Idina Menzel’s name was so horrific and why every little girl is now belting out…LET IT GO!   I was so happy I got to see it–though I have learned that admitting I have only seen the movie once isn’t something I should do in public–I get glared at like I’m crazy.

ANYWAY…I didn’t come here to talk about Frozen.  Well…I did, a little, but only in regards to my last photo shoot.  Before the shoot, Shanna and I exchanged several emails talking about everything from family schedules, to wardrobes, to sunset times.  She is so easy, flexible, and fun, to work with.  However, the one thing she told me, that seemed pretty set-in-stone, is what her three year old said: “My 3 year old reported that she is not going to smile…”  And, the three year old, well, she meant it.  The beginning of the shoot started off rough.  The little one’s, big brother, was an AMAZING help and tried his best to get her smiling.  We talked about her favorite songs and what she liked–silly faces, or silly noises.  We couldn’t even get her to look my way though.  (Literally…arms crossed, bottom lip out, eyebrows scrunched down over mad eyes and looking just the opposite way.  It was so funny.  Well…it was for me.  I’m not her parents though 😉 )  Anyway…then I asked her brother what her favorite t.v. shows and/or movies were and, guess what…FROZEN was it!  She heard the name of that movie and it was like a little jolt of happy shot through her; her arms uncrossed, her eyebrows went UP, a smile took over the frown and before you knew it, she was, actually, singing 🙂  It was like watching a real, life, Elsa, right before my eyes.  I had NEVER been more thankful that I watched any, one, movie in my life.  (Despite all the random things I’ve learned from my documentaries and such.  Remember that one time I was CERTAIN juicing was going to be my new, way of life?  Yeah.  Me neither.)

Anyway, the rest of the shoot was fabulous.  The three year old lead the way to find good spots to shoot and her brother supported her all the way; he was the best assistant I could have ever hoped for.  (And, he even gave ME moose ears, as I was shooting, to ensure his sister kept smiling!  Amazing idea!)

Here are a few of my fav’s from the day!

(Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should Google Kristen Bell singing, ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’  You’ll understand, totally, my above mentioned goddess statement…)

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