Brittany’s Having a Baby :: Minneapolis, Maternity Photography


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I was in Minneapolis this past weekend, photographing Brittany’s maternity shots.  We shot in-home (which is turning out to be a FAVORITE thing of mine to do) and we shot with kids running around, family watching and phone’s ringing.

Brittany had an amazing way of being able to simply tune it all out and focus on me, what I was asking her to do and to connect with the camera.

(Seriously, that is TALENT!)

I keep thinking about this girl–and I think about those rough, crazy, months ahead.

(I have a ten month old.  I remember.  However, Brittney also has a 1.5 year old at home too–I didn’t have that!)

I don’t feel worried though–what I saw, and what my camera saw, was strength. We saw her incredible ability to focus on the task at hand and just go with it.

We watched the determination in her eyes as she tuned out all the craziness around her and just got the job done.

It may not have been the easiest thing ever…but, she got through it. (I mean really…If I didn’t tell you about the chaos–would you have ever really have known?  🙂 )

From the little bit of time I worked with her I got the distinct impression that Brittney’s the type of girl who can go anywhere, any time, and she will be okay.

She’s got something, deep inside, that will guide her and keep her strong.

And, she’s got good people around her to hold her up from time-to-time!

So, those rough months ahead?  I have a feeling she’s gonna nail them 🙂

I’ll have a video up soon–stay tuned!

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