Best Of 2013 :: Minneapolis Photography

Personal Example
Client Example
Selfie Example

Disclaimer:  What you are reading is old.  In this case, from January, 2014.  I am making the switch to WordPress for all my photography and business needs.  However, since I was previously with Wix, I am unable to import.  (Stupid Wix.)  I am manually copying and pasting my most current, 2014 blogs.  To find earlier blog posts, please visit

Ugh.  SO…with this three part, blog series that I did in January–I am not going to be adding ALL of the photos.  It was a photo-heavy series and, since it is now April, all of my January photos are backed up on an external hard drive and I just don’t have the time to dig–especially since they are ALL posted HERE:

The series was a three-parter that highlighted my best photos from 2013.

The first blog was my personal side.

The second, my client side.

And, the third, my selfie side.

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