Sue Bryce :: Minneapolis Portrait Photographer


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I discovered Sue Bryce today.  (Well, I’ve followed her on Facebook for quite some time, but today, I saw and listened to her.)  Sue was speaking for Creative Live, in Vegas, for WPPI.  (Yup.  One day, I’ll be there.)  She was speaking about what she knows so well: Women’s Portraiture.

Sue made me think about everything I know.  She validated so much of how I feel about things and she changed the way I look at so much–from photography to everyday life.

She is an AMAZING person with a beautiful soul and spirit.  Everyday, I want to channel her a little bit in everything I do.  She made me feel immediately okay with everything I am and everything I am not.

Anyway…she said SO many things that stuck with me.

One of the many ideas that keeps going through my mind…

No one cares about how much you weigh or how old you are.  They see who you are to them in photographs.  You owe your children photographs of you to carry with them.

Okay.  I’m terrible are remembering exact quotes but the was the idea.

She talked about taking her weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

She made me think about the area’s I struggle with and how I can work them into my strengths and into my brand.

I started looking at everything through a whole, new, set of eyes while listening to her during the seminar.

I’m excited, and inspired to rethink things–especially as I’m in the beginning of building my brand anyway.

I shouldn’t say rethink, actually…because it’s all stuff I’ve thought, but tried to work OUT of what I do–despite that not feeling natural.  All my life, I’ve been told to conform more (from classroom to cube)–this was the first time I thought of my weaknesses, quirks and creativity as solid strengths and the first time I realized that I can just be me in my entire life–from personal to professional.

I’m inspired.  I’m thankful.

And, I’m totally in love with Sue Bryce 🙂

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