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Disclaimer:  What you are reading is old.  In this case, from 2.26.14.  I am making the switch to WordPress for all my photography and business needs.  However, since I was previously with Wix, I am unable to import.  (Stupid Wix.)  I am manually copying and pasting all of my 2014 blogs.  To find earlier blog posts, please visit

I have, finally, joined Pinterest–for business.
(Yes, I was there before on the personal level–but, I’m going to guess that none of you care about my hair/make-up tips and kid craft ideas.  Though, if you do–let me know, we’ll connect 🙂
I feel like I just opened up a brand, new, book.  There are so many fun ideas and SO much inspiration!  Plus, it’s a great place to showcase some of my, personal, favorite work.  (In hopes that someone else may be a little inspired.)
If you’re there, come find me!

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