Jeremy, Tarrah and the Family :: Bloomington Family Photography

Disclaimer:  What you are reading is old.  In this case, from 3.19.14.  I am making the switch to WordPress for all my photography and business needs.  However, since I was previously with Wix, I am unable to import.  (Stupid Wix.)  I am manually copying and pasting my most current, 2014 blogs.  To find earlier blog posts, please visit

Finally the season’s are starting to change up here in Minnesota!  It has been so cold, and so snowy, for so long now.  It’s a slow change, with temps not forcasted to be much above the 30 degree mark in the near future, but, with the momentum I’m feeling in clients while booking their upcoming portrait shoots, things are feeling much warmer.  (Yes.  I’m incredibly optimistic.)

 Tarrah, Jeremy, and all the way-too-cool kids, decided to venture out last week to squeeze in some outdoor, family, photos.  It was a chilly day but the kids were such troopers.  We walked for a bit before finding the perfect location (which made cheeks nice and rosy) but, I think the end results were worth it!

This, upcoming, weekend, we are going to shoot the second part of the session.  It’ll just be three of them and it will be indoors.  Tarrah is fabulous with ideas and always brings so much to the table–I’m excited to see what part two of this shoot will look like 🙂  Keep posted!

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