Jeremy and Tarrah :: Minneapolis Lifestyle Photography

Disclaimer:  What you are reading is old.  In this case, from 3.24.14.  I am making the switch to WordPress for all my photography and business needs.  However, since I was previously with Wix, I am unable to import.  (Stupid Wix.)  I am manually copying and pasting my most current, 2014 blogs.  To find earlier blog posts, please visit

As promised, here is part two of Jeremy and Tarrah’s shoot.  I’ve never went much into the world of ‘ Lifestyle Photography ‘ but this was fun.  Like, really fun.  I see many photographers who pull it off beautifully; and, as a mom with little kids–I can COMPLETELY understand the draw to it.  (How easy is it to have a photographer just come over to YOUR house!?  No car seats, snack packing, bathroom emergencies, etc.  Everything is right there for you!)

I feel like there’s a trick to good, ‘lifestyle’ photos though.  I feel like, as a client, the bigger your families personality is, the more interesting the photos are.  (This is probably true across the board though…)  If, as a client, you’re willing to step out of the idea that photos are traditionally a snapshot of you, in your Sunday-best, on your, ‘at Grandma’s house’, behavior–you open yourself up for a huge new realm of possibilities.

I also feel like, when you open up those new possibilities, your final product is going to be something that you embrace on a much deeper level.  It’s going to be a real snapshot of you, and your family, and who they are on a daily basis.  The little messes, the art on the walls, the books that you’re reading now, the things on your shelves today–it’s all there.  And, it’s who you all are, as a family, in this moment in time.  They are the photos that you will look back on and get a ‘feeling’ from.  They’re the photos that your children will look back on and remember that moment in their life–not just the new outfit or how bright it was at the park that day.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love studio photography, and on-location photos as well–and, they’re pretty and crowd-pleasing.  They look great on your desk, in your wallet, on your walls and as Christmas cards–plus, they’re the ones that the grandparents just love.

I’m completely stuck on these photos though, and how they are exactly who this family is.

(Compare them to the last shoot.  Which set of photos feels like their personality?)

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